Sunday, January 30, 2011

front range mercantile!

hot or not?

too late, i already bought it.  last weekend, i was wandering around my favorite little slice of heaven, the front range mercantile*, and i happened upon this little bassett number priced at $119.  i took a couple of pictures of it so that i could think it over, but as soon as i left the booth this woman started pulling open the drawers and stepping back to appraise it.  so that did it for me.  i was like, "bitch, step off." 

i have this inconvenient situation (called marriage) that requires me to at least check with my husband before i bring home a big-ass piece of furniture.  so i tried calling and calling and calling, to no avail.  with mounting panic, i went to the front of the store and somehow managed to convince the shopkeep to put the dresser on hold.  then i drove home well above the speed limit and burst through the door, screaming at the top of my lungs.

after i bought it, i realized it was probably 30% about liking it and 70% about not wanting someone else to buy it.  but, whatever.  it was going to take forever to save up for this and the rest of the bedroom is a hot mess that needs to be completely revamped.  and it came with a huge mirror and i love the drawer pulls.

anyway, here it is in its present location.  it's a little scuffed up, but it's better that things enter this house in rough shape because the cats ruin everything anyway.

what do you think of that lamp?  i spent the rest of saturday and all day sunday trying to find a modern white lamp i could afford.  i really want the west elm branch table lamp, but unless i can find a time machine to take me back to 2008, i'm out of luck. (although a time machine would probably be better spent going back to the sixties and buying an ass-ton of mid-century furniture, because i still might be able to find the branch lamp on craigslist if i put a little effort into it.)  here are two relatively acceptable interpretations, but a) i couldn't afford them and b) i thought i could probably find something i liked better if i could get my mind off the branch lamp.  finally, i just got lazy and went to marshalls.  but i can still take it back.

*longmont is no pasadena, ca, but we have this great indoor flea market called the front range mercantile.  to love it you have to first accept its limitations.  it has an inordinate amount of cowboy and western memorabilia, glass insulators and pyrex bakeware, and janky new furniture pretending to be vintage.  nevertheless, i go every week.  other than my house, it's my favorite place in the world.  the best part of the front range mercantile, however, is its jingle:

                it's more than just shopping
                it's an experience!

               front range mercantile!

               something for everyone
               friendly and full of fun

               front range mercantile!
               it feels good here!

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  1. I love that piece. I have a time machine... .