Wednesday, January 12, 2011


i loved this little house call in november, and i really love this house tour.

i love white walls.  when we bought our house, it was kinda nuts inside.

i'm keeping these pictures on the smaller side for your benefit

gaggy.  i mean, those rooms are adjoining!  and the walls that appear to be white in these photos are actually peach.  peach!  peach and mustard yellow and cornflower blue!  duuuuuudes, noooooooooo!

people always lament renter's white walls on apartment therapy, but at least it isn't customary to paint rentals peach.

that wood stove is still in the house, by the way.  some guests find it charming, but those are usually guests who haven't heated their homes with a wood stove.  i grew up in the country, folks.  i'm never lighting a fire in a wood stove again in my life, if i can help it.

most of my favorite house tours have white walls.  i've posted this hot little number onto my facebook page twice.


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