Tuesday, January 11, 2011

unplanned day off

by 9:45 this morning i found myself unexpectedly at home.  it's a rare pleasure to have a weekday off to spend lying on the couch.  i love to watch the light move through the different rooms of my house.  during the middle of the day, the dining room is filled with sunlight.

oh god, that light fixture.  ugh.
the book in the foreground is "vintage style" by piet swimberghe, with photographs by jan verlinde.  i ordered it on a whim after christmas.  buying design books sight unseen is almost always a terrible idea, but this one is amazing.  gorgeous, lush, modern homes filled with gorgeous modern furniture.  the photography is exceptional, but that's likely not a priority to you if you're reading this blog.

the dogs are like little old ladies who are always cold.  they follow the sun around the house. 

sophia rolled in the kitty litter again and she's filthy and sleeping on the back of the sofa.  i'm going to drink a throwback pepsi, watch a little martha, and take a hot shower.  it's a happy day around here.

by the way, i know that the carpet looks truly awful in these pictures. it looks even worse in real life.  i swear that it was ruined before we even moved here.  lumber liquidator fliers are gazed upon more lustfully than porn in this house.


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