Thursday, January 6, 2011

an introduction

my name is misa.  i'm 28 years old.  i live with my husband, three cats, and two dogs in longmont, which is twelve miles northeast of boulder.

welcome to our house.

luckily, the cat has an mfa from the pratt institute

we bought our house in april, 2009.  it was built in 1976, largely in a factory a few blocks away.  the factory is now a ymca that is teeming with old men in tennis shoes and dress socks.

it's not an amazing house.

i have no time, no money, and no diy skills.  i have only ever kept one houseplant alive.  but i have a lot of enthusiasm, an ace rewards card, and about ten years' worth of design magazine tear sheets.

she could be a great editor, but she's always drunk

i can't guarantee that my house will ever approximate this, or that i have the aptitude to do something amazing like this, but i promise to share embarrassing pictures of my tiny, ramshackle kitchen that will make you feel great about your own homes. 


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