Wednesday, February 2, 2011

fatty bowie

i was hoping to be able to provide a follow-up post about the sunroom.  but i still haven't picked a grey: 

from left to right, all benjamin moore: smoke embers, coventry gray, stonington gray, and platinum gray
smoke embers and platinum gray are out of the question.  stonington gray is certainly the best of the bunch, but i'm just not sure it's right.  maybe grey is a bad idea?

because i wasn't ready to pull the trigger, so to speak, i did a bunch of caulking this weekend.  i hate caulking.  it's necessary but not all that rewarding.  the end product only looks marginally better than it did in the beginning.  plus, it's such a sticky mess.  maybe i'm doing it wrong:  i always bead the caulk with my finger and wipe off the excess with my hands.  then i try to wipe my hands with wet paper towels, but it's never enough.  inevitably, i end up washing my hands every five minutes, and i'm certain all that caulk can't be good for my plumbing (that's what she said--sorry, mom).

i also have three other projects in various stages of completion.  it's all "before" and no "after" here.

so, in lieu of anything house related, here's a little introduction to another of my pets: david bowie.

david bowie also goes by fatty fatty pumpkin pie and big poppa.  he is obsessed with my husband.  he likes to lie on my husband's chest and purr and drool.  he always initiates this lovefest by approaching slowly with what we like to call "fratboy bedroom eyes."  it's creepy.

at sixteen pounds, he is the largest of the pets.

he loves silvestre:

actually, he loves everything (except the dogs).

he loves his toys:

he loves sleeping on ugly chairs:

not my chair, by the way
and he loves his retro modern pet bed from like kittysville:

he also loves eating grass and throwing up.  i don't have a picture of it, though, so you'll have to take my word for it.

it's supposed to warm up again by this weekend, so hopefully i'll have something painted soon.  it's a balmy 5 degrees out right now; a significant improvement over our high of -1 yesterday.  if i don't get to paint, i'll at least try to do some shopping.  (i just got a promotion at work!  those antidepressants have really paid off!)

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